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Beautiful Love Poems

Beautiful Love Poems

You came

and you came, with a charming, captivating and seductive smile
filling of illusion in each of the parties found my being,
my heart growing every moment, filled with love,
at each time it needed someone, you came right there.

you came, with arms open, with warmth and understanding,
with love and sweetness gave me the value Beautiful Love Poems
filling me with your kisses and caresses
Although he had to finish later.

Finally, you came,
making me stimulate you,
doing, that you extrañara more and more,
even I am still loving although we are not together, and because you came,
I am sure that what I say is true love poems

I Love You Poems

I Love You Poems

I'm happy because I'm with Tí

less thought upon, we met.
our lives are gathered by a same way,
your love and mine, are always together,
because without the our lives are meaningless.
they say that a look is worth more than thousand words
This is very true as to look at you, I feel that I want,
I feel the same, and not can avoided, decide in
your lips that I love you, when we we kissed.
It makes me happy to kiss you,
It makes me happy to embrace you,
It makes me happy to love you I Love You Poems
It makes me so good be with you.
yesterday I had a beautiful dream,
I dreamed you were in a white dress,
and I with a very elegant suit,
the place was wonderful, there were flowers everywhere.
We were only your and me, we kissed passionately,
promising us love poems

today I'm happy, because I am with you.

Love Poems For A Girl

Love Poems For A Girl

Throw you

To you, if you love, I hope
Loved golden hair
It rests my breast in the brightness of your figure,
You hear my voice from the horizon
Become, my good,
Turn your perfect love.
Look for me between the darkness of loneliness,
Do not despair, that here I am,
Tied my soul, tied this to your kisses.
Let me and take me captive in your eyes,
We consume our bodies to the gleam of the constellations,
Take my hand and let's play for eternity
No, it would not be enough.
Come on, leave that our sea flood,
My I Castaway, you do not move away, save me with your madness.
Do not stop your glow
Leave, leave soak me it more.
It extends your wings,
Are that perhaps you an Angel?
My look is silent writes what my mind,
Thou art my thinking;
How to forget you?
The wind whistles me your fragrance
Keep me in it. Love Poems For A Girl
Hold me on the twilight of the universe,
Comforts my bliss;
Send me into the depths of your love;
There me feel satisfied.
How much ardera your blood?
Arriving at the three, open already completed,
Close your eyes;
That the Moon take the illusions.
Not cease my tears;
Do I teach the glass of your tears?,
You aroma this continuum in my chest, love poems

valentine's day poems

valentine's day poems

Where have you been?

At the bottom of lakes, forgotten.
In the dark forest, hidden.
On the doors of other eyes, confused.
In the hollow of a closet, ignored.
valentine's day poems
In the hands of anguish, torn apart.
Locked in the prison of my penalty.
On your lips, deluded lies.
In the screams of my soul, hushed.

The hollow of my chest, he fled sad.
It has been lost, he has deceived, has suffered.
He has died when you left.

This fire that you apagaste and not wanted love poems
This love that you return to oblivion.
This heart that yours, you destroyed.

valentines poems for kids

valentines poems for kids

Love died

Words without a voice shouting that they no longer
I suffer without you, but your far from my te vas
I hope that when you want to return it is not late
I will continue crying even if I call cowardly child
Caminare now only, no one will be accompanied by
Because your prefer walking without my other hand
Love was my ex officio valentines poems for kids
And now that you're going I fall into a precipice
I'm crying
Please return te estoy esperdando
My heart still loving you love poems

valentines poems

valentines poems
Its name














valentines poems

Dedication: for pul… my eternal love... forever...

Cute Love Quotes

Cute Love Quotes
you are beautiful ta as the beautiful Sunrise q gives me pleasure
every day every night which is that not open reproach
know who loves whom the only thing I know
It is if you love me as I love you Cute Love Quotes

are your eyes is your mouth a mixture of beauty
my heart is the only thing he thinks
because your're my Princess love quotes

It is your look is your voice impacting ami heart
and Miss I give terror because I repeat you are the most beautiful
and I have only eyes for a ti on Earth

love quotes for him

love quotes for him

Throughout the day you love

Love you for that night are stars illuminating our love,

I love you for that afternoons are warm, your kisses and your touch.

Te amo mornings are a new hope of happiness, as the sun rises from the horizon so is born our love. love quotes for him

I love that the days are becoming increasingly more beautiful, by that you're in there,

I love you all day, night your love of evenings your touch of morning fresh hope of joys.

"The days are nice when you're there" love quotes

sweet love poems

sweet love poems
Today flight to the city in love

Today I return to the city in love poems
where one day the gods I envidiaron.
Its high towers, which for me shone,
pavesa are only dismantled.

From what I remember, there is nothing:
squares, streets, corners were deleted.
The Myrtle and the acanthus tricked me,
He misled me the heart of granada.

How could shut up so fast sweet love poems
the rumor of hidden water and easy to nest,
his song of tall tree and green breeze.

Where he could lose so much noise,
so much love, so much love, so much laughter
so Bell as it has been lost.

romantic love poems

romantic love poems
I'll make you happy suffer so much

I will make you happy. You suffer so much
that you put you my name to the sadness.
Poorly contrasted, in your balance begins
the caress worth less than crying.

How much going to enrich me and how much romantic love poems
you're going to embarrass your poverty
When learn alone what beauty
It is the bitter side of the charm.

To be as happy as I have been,
He kisses the spina, trembles before the rose,
bless with the stricken lip,

you play integer against anything.
I integer I played. I already lost.
See if my revenge is generous. love poems

sad love poems

sad love poems

Her thighs I escaping as caught fish,
full of fire, filled with cold half half.
That night I ran the best roads,
mounted filly of nacre without bridles and Stirrups.

I don't mean by man, the things she told me.
The light of understanding makes me be very cautious.
Dirty kisses and sand, I I took the River.
Air beat the swords of the lilies. sad love poems

I behaved like who I am: as a legitimate Gypsy.
I I gave a big straw satin sewing kit, love poems
and I did not fall in love with me because having husband,
He told me that it was mozuela when took her to the River.

free love poems

free love poems

Without light of silver in its cornered trees have grown,
and a horizon of dogs ladra far away from the River.

Past the blackberries, los juncos and thorns,
under his hair mata I made a hole on the limo free love poems

I took me off the tie. She took off the dress.
I, belt with revolver. She, their four bustiers.
Neither city nor snails have the skin so fine, love poems
or the crystals with Moon relumbran this brightness.

short love poems

short love poems

The married infidel

And that I I took to the River believing it to be mozuela,
but I had a husband.

It was the night of Santiago and almost for commitment.
Faded lanterns and lit the crickets. short love poems

In the last few corners I touched her breasts asleep,
and they opened suddenly as jancitos ramos.

The starch of his skirt sounded in the ear love poems
as a piece of silk torn by ten knives.

Love Poems For Her

Love Poems For Her

On the face of the cistern
they rocked the Gypsy.
Green meat, green hair,
with cold silver eyes.
An icicle of moon
It sustains on the water.

The night became intimate Love Poems For Her
as a small square.
Drunken civil guards
They pounded on the door.

Green, I love green,
Green wind, green branches.
The boat on the sea. love poems
And the horse in the mountains.

Love Poems For Him

Love Poems For Him

They were shaking on the rooftops
Tin lanterns.
Thousand Crystal tambourines
they work dawn.

Green, I love green,
Green wind, green branches.
The two compadres rose.
The long wind left
in the mouth a weird taste
of gall, mint and basil.
Love Poems For Him

My friend! Where it is, tell me?
where is your bitter girl?
How many times you waited!
How many times you wait!
fresh face, black hair, love poems
in this Green railing!



I was told yesterday
the double-edged language
you married a month ago,
and I was so tranquilo…
Any other in my case
It would have taken to mourn;
I, crossing arms,
I said, I was equal.

Nothing hit me a shot
or become entangled in curses,
or stone with sighs
the glass of your balconies.
That you've married? Good luck!
She lives a hundred years happy
and when it comes to the death
God not bear you that in mind.

If at the foot of the altars
my name is deleted you,
for the glory of my mare
that you not keep rancor.
Why without being your husband,
your boyfriend, or your lover,
I am that you most wanted,
I have enough with that.

21 Mart 2012 Çarşamba

Romance of the son

Romance of the son

It could have been
beautiful as a hyacinth
with your eyes and your mouth
and your skin color of wheat;
but with a big heart
and crazy as mine.

It would have been able to go,
on Sunday evenings,
my hand and yours,
in his sailor costume,
wearing an anchor arm
and the CAP an old name.

I come to you
in the sweet and living things
in open laughter
and out of instinct;
and to me, that perhaps, leaving
in the sad and the lyrical
and in this clumsy way
see all different.

Oh, what room with toys!
love, had!...
Three horses, two swords,
a green car of pine,
a train with seven stations,
a boat, a bird, a home…
and one hundred soldiers of lead,
Silver and gold dresses.

14 Mart 2012 Çarşamba

Simple verses

Simple verses

By your glowing eyes
and the evil in a snap
I thought you were last night
playing forbidden games.

You odié by vile and perfidious:
You odié with hatred of death:
nausea gave me see you
as villain and so beautiful.

by the obituary I saw
without knowing how or when,
I know that you were crying
all night for me.

10 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

The desperate song

The desperate song

Your memory of the night when I am emerges.
The River tied to the sea its stubborn lament.

Abandoned as the docks at the dawn.
It is the time of departure, abandoned oh!

Cold Corollas it raining down on my heart.
Oh, bilge debris, fierce Cave of shipwrecked!

You accumulated wars and flights.
Wings of song birds they raised you.

All you what you tragaste, as the remoteness.
As the sea, as the time. Everything in you was wreck!

It was joyful time of the assault and the kiss
The hour of the stupor that burned like a beacon.

Anxiety of pilot, diver blind fury,
turbid love drunk, everything in you was wreck!

In the childhood of fog, my soul winged and wound.
Discoverer lost, everything in you was wreck!

I made back the shadow wall,
I walked beyond the desire and the Act.

4 Mart 2012 Pazar

When you're not

When you're not

When not're, if you're not a day,
My voice, without a voice, you will be called without pause.
When not, if I am not a day,
You listen to my voice in a rumor that passes.

When not're, if you're not a day,
I clamaré by your grace in all grace.
When not, if I am not a day,
Move my profile the cold Moon
in the curtains in your window.

When not're, if you're not a day,
I just oiré the words in your Word.
When not, if it is that an I'm not a day,
You'll see my shadow between the cold shadow
next to the head of your bed.

When not be, if it is that not e

3 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

Simple verses

Simple verses

By your glowing eyes
and the evil in a snap
I thought you were last night
playing forbidden games.

You odié by vile and perfidious:
You odié with hatred of death:
nausea gave me see you
as villain and so beautiful.

by the obituary I saw
without knowing how or when,
I know that you were crying
all night for me.