11 Nisan 2012 Çarşamba

death poems

death poems
If in your life, love so far not suits you,
If you find in your life until now only penalties,
If in your life so far your friends you do not understand,
If in your life feel that men are not worthy.

Is not because the world this against,
It is not because Dios forgot you,
It is not because your friends do not want you to,
It is not because men are to blame for everything.

death poems

anniversary poems

anniversary poems
I'm sorry!
Having many friends
For loving them both
Because every day any of
They provides me with his smile.

I'm sorry!
Not understanding that you
I wanted to just for you
And that I share with
Many people my joy.

anniversary poems

teachers day poems

teachers day poems
In my solitude, in my darkness
I never thought that I would find someone like you,
I never thought that it was going to feel this for someone
This feeling is something inexplicable,
But what I can say that it is not nothing wrong
and that is why that I what I give in your hands.

The friendship that I offer, goes with that feeling
strange feeling that had not felt until now,
is that perhaps you do not understand
but I what I told you before,
and it is because you can not find equal to anyone,
your're the only person that could get into my world,
in my world dark and full of loneliness
in which I could not awaken,
but your presence gradually I have been able to achieve it
and that is why I give my friendship.
teachers day poems

fathers day poems

fathers day poems
How sharp is the betrayal?
that with Wiles be your friend faked?
How sick of pain?
can you put an injured chest?
I hate that damn felony happens,
damn clay masks;
Because traces of the false friend
leave a deep and terrible void,
life becomes gray,
We lose the brightness of eyes, balance,
the smile of the lips,
like ghosts walk,
as dead eager to die again.

fathers day poems

mothers day poems

mothers day poems
Today I remembered those times in which we laughed together, in others in which we crying, and every day that passes I am aware of the great friend who is beside me.

But I have very present, that day I met you.

It was like seeing the light that would guide me to succeed, when I thought that nothing made sense, you were there, everywhere, in all my moments, they were happy or sad.

We learned together, that friendship does not only mean having company, have confidence, have someone to support you, but this love is bigger then we have called "sisters".

Thank you to trust me, but now the distance separates us. It is hard to have to lose a friend.

I know that you're still here, because I can feel that joy in my heart when there are moments of depression, moments in which I feel, imagine and forget my problems; not only in these difficult moments you remember, but also at the merry ones.

In the new stage of my life I have known many friends, but none like you, the distance may not extinguish this great friendship, because I where I will always have this your great friendship.

The distance leads to other directions, different paths, and the Allied time or enemy, they are not factors so that I can forget you and you know that you accounts with me at the time, time and place when I need, you will be.

Do not say goodbye, but soon, my best friend.

mothers day poems

Greatest Love Poems

Greatest Love Poems
On the verge of breaking into tears, I am against you, I refuse to accept your game, God...

I ask perdón… her separes not on our side, you ask for patience.

Is that I am selfish for not wanting to let yourself go... but the mere idea of thinking that no longer you veré… saddens me. I refuse to believe that this is the despedida…

Open your eyes and look at me,
ANDA friend, opens the eyes...
and look at all the reasons there is so that you stay,
…se which is painful...
is that sadness keeps you asleep listening to my words, then react to my pleading, with a tear,
You are a warrior of life!
Awake anda… awake please!
…Amiga, forgive my selfishness
But you need!

No… I am not satisfied with your photos on the wall, no, I am not satisfied with the memories,
…I love here... so that we can be together in 15 years, graduation and wedding of our children...

God, sorry my selfishness, friend... with tears in my face and broken heart, I let go...

Rest in peace friend....
Greatest Love Poems

famous love poems

famous love poems
Although the oceans and
the continents separate us,
No one can break our friendship
This link so strong that he was born
When I was in your country.
We are of different Nations and races,
not of different feelings.
I agreed without knowing me.
The time grew our friendship.
I consolaste when I was sad.
I acompañaste in difficult situations.
We share laughter and tears.
When I was about to fall,
me sustentaste
Friend, though one far,
You've always been in my mind and heart.
You will always be present.
Soon unexpectedly,
We will meet again.
Friend, friend of the heart.

famous love poems

Wedding Love Poems

Wedding Love Poems
Your friend is the answer to your needs.
It is your field, to sembrais with love,
and cosechais with gratitude.
And it is your table,
and the fire of your home.
Because you vouchers to him to satisfy your hunger.
and searching in the search for peace.

When your friend reveals his thoughts,
not temeis the "no" in your own mind,
nor reteneís "Yes".
And when the guard is silence,
your heart does not cease to listen to his heart.

Because in friendship,
all thoughts,
all the wishes,
all expectations,
they are born without words,
and they are shared with quiet joy.

When you separais your friend,
What do without aflixión.
Because what more love in him,
You can be more open even in his absence,
as for the alpinist mountain appears more clear from the plain.

And leave in friendship
There is no other purpose
that the deepen the spirit.
Because the love you are looking for another thing,
It's not the revelation of his own mystery,
It is not love, but a lying network
and only the useless is a sin.

Wedding Love Poems

True Love Poems

True Love Poems
A simple hug tenders us the heart;
It welcomes us and makes us more bearable life.

A hug is a way of sharing joys
as well as the sad moments that confront us.

It is just a way to say to our friends
that we want and that we care about each other
because the hugs were made to give them to those who want to.

The hug is something impressive.
It is the perfect way to show the love we feel
When did not get the fair floor.

It is wonderful because just a hug given with love,
It makes feel good whom will give it, no matter the place or the language
because it is always understood.

For these reasons and many more...
today I am sending my warm embrace.

True Love Poems

Teen Love Poems

Teen Love Poems
The fact that being fair and honest, you understand.
The accepts you as you are and has faith in you.
That without envy recognizes your values
you stimulate and praises without also flatter you.

Which helps you selflessly
and not abused your goodness.
That with wise advice helps you
to build and refine your personality.
The who enjoys the joys that come to your heart.
The fact that respecting your privacy,
It is about knowing your difficulty to help you.

The who without hurting you clarifies you what entendiste wrong or you out of the error.
The that lifts your mood when these fallen.
Who with care and attention will wane
the pain of your disease.
That you forgive with generosity,
forgetting your offense.

The one who sees a human being with joys, en TI
weaknesses, hopes and struggles.
The that lets you helpless when most need it.
Which will help you to not faint and always trust in God.

Teen Love Poems

Lost Love Poems

Lost Love Poems
Don't know how to tell you, friend,
How much I love you
And everything I need you.
I love you because I see you happy and
Because listening to my words with love and
You support my long confidences.

I love you because you approach with respect,
You accept my silences or my cries,
Encourage me when I fall
And me impulsas in my dreams.

Not you you escandalizas of my SIN
Me nor sentences by my limitation.
I need you, brother.
For your advice, to share my faith,
To tell you what I feel and to sing along with you.

Thank you, my friend, the transparency of your heart,
And because through it, I can see wide, this serene,
Cheerful and sharp, a great smile of God himself.
Lost Love Poems

Funny Love Poems

Funny Love Poems
I want to thank you that you're in my life.
I know that I can count on you in difficult moments,
I know that with you I share my joys,
and I know that our friendship
It relies on mutual affection.

Your friendship is a precious gift,
that I would appreciate forever.
Thank you for filling my life with so much happiness.
Remember that I am always here,
to listen you, encourage you,
share your sorrows and celebrate your successes.

That it and all the days bring you joy and happiness.
Funny Love Poems

Birthday Poems

Birthday Poems
Friendship is one of the gifts of life,
and you find one of the good.
It unites us the link that we have shared
in the years since that we met.
Each year, has brought us closer.
We we wanted to in times of disease,
distress, and so much more.
Together we celebrated our youth.
With you, I learned to laugh from me.
You have filled my heart and my mind
with memories for a lifetime.
My affection for you is not already in a friendship;
you're part of my family.
The future brings us the joy of success
and an eternal friendship that will help us
in the difficult moments that destiny us onwards.
Birthday Poems

cute love poems

cute love poems
When you're lost under a sad and grey sky
and nothing, nothing makes you happy,
put your thoughts on me and appoint me no more,
Remember that you will always have my friendship.
Talk to me and get me to the place you want to go,
by your side, I'm there.
All you have to do is to feel that you did not forgot,
I'm your friend, Yes, your faithful friend.

When you're beaten and you will find no peace
and the pain you entregues by others,
look within you and there you will find me,
I am that little light of friendship.
Talk to me and get me to the place you want to go,
by your side always, there I am.
The distance does not exist for this love never
I'm your friend, Yes, your friend.

You know that you have place in my soul
a port where get open for your dreams,
your sentences and feelings, and I offer you.
Talk to me and get me to the place you want to go,
by your side always, there I am.
All you have to do is to feel that you did not forgot,
I'm your friend, Yes, your faithful friend.
cute love poems