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Valentines Quotes

Valentines Quotes 
 You can not stand on yourself and you bedarfst the help of outside, verily, you are a man like an arm with no hand.
Friedrich Hebbel

Because in this world respect many wretch high, only he considered me right man who can take care of himself honestly.
Friedrich von Bodenstedt

Who is the sovereign man? This is soon said. He the one can not prevent whether it hunts for good or evil.
Wolfgang von Goethe

Many a man's sake was women and the game to the thieves.
Freidank out: modesty

The strongest man in the world is who is all alone.
Henrik Ibsen from: an enemy of the people

If bravery means fearlessness, then still no brave man met me. Everyone fears. Ever smarter he is more so. It is brave who takes no notice of his fear.
General George S. Patton

The small tormentors grows to a hard and cruel man.
Jean Paul from: levana

What is the worst animal name? So, a king asked a wise man. The way said: "by wild is tyrant and sycophant of the tame."
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing: poems

No right man serves the ingrates.
Friedrich Schiller from: die Piccolomini

"He is very antisocial" almost says: "he is a man of great features".
Arthur Schopenhauer

Valentines Quotes 

Valentines Poems

Valentines Poems
Neither the privacy of your front clear as a party
or custom of your body, yet mysterious and tacit and girl,
or the succession of your life taking words or silence
they will be so mysterious please
like watching your dream involved
on the vigil of my arms.
Virgin miraculously again for the acquittal virtue of sleep,
quiet and radiant as a joy memory choose,
I will give this side of your life which you yourself do not have,
Thrown into stillness
I divisaré this last beach of your being
and you will see for the first time, perhaps,
as God has to see you,
desbaratada the fiction of the time
without love, without me.

Jorge Luis Borges.
Valentines Poems

sweet love quotes

sweet love quotes
The old man's gentleness is terrible.
Friedrich Schiller from: Fiesco

What seems to you, has anyone judge. What is it, does not have.
Out, Friedrich Schiller: Mary Stuart

The fate of the world depends today primarily the statesmen, secondarily by the interpreters.
Trygve Lie

Even the man creates himself to his fate.
Gottfried Kinkel

Stay always allowed and male ´. We will master of our tracking sales, as long as we are there by us.
Friedrich Maximilian of Klinger

Only the time proven the Redlichen. A single day reveals the bad man.

Sacrilege is ´s to schmähn the noble man in death, he was hated by us.

Also the pain will have its expression and the man, of the aches overwhelmed, need not to be ashamed of his tears.
Friedrich von Bodenstedt out: ADA

Nice like a God and male as a hero.
Friedrich Schiller from: the bride of Messina

There is no soul that had not its Wadden Sea, anyone can walk in at times of low tide.
Christian Morgenstern

Itself is the man! Selig is, people who like themselves in life positive advise!
sweet love quotes

sweet quotes

sweet quotes
It seems sea, heaven
where can I lying to dream of you?

If you saw my gaze,
as a bird hunting horizons and stars.

The universe is mine since you did you
roof of butterflies to my heart.

The air is so blue when you move your wings,
that flight was born eternal in repeated wave without fatigue.

I do not know if in wave or cloud open me tenderness
to shoot me to sleep where you sleep.

The wind is so quiet
that I have been able to achieve you between echoes.

I am clearly to strengthen you?

I've seen you with living eyes
as the open eyes of forests,
featuring me in laughs and streams swimming into the ocean.

You've collected in footsteps of marine songs
where once you left love hearts of water.

You've taken the time?

How you have!
sweet quotes

sad love quotes

sad love quotes
Where to find men boldly combining for honor and justice, is a free sex.
Max von Schenkendorf

Who can talk and also mention, at the time, which is a wise man.
Hugo von Trimberg

Who can talk not wise, the muting and hot a wise man.
Freidank out: modesty

Talk much and well is the talent of witty Weltmannes, little and good character of the thinker, much and badly the rage of Witzlings the windbag and

Snakschwestern and all everyday heads.
Karl Julius Weber: Demokritos

Much is not rich. Is a rich man who can lose everything he has, without suffering.
Angelus Silesius

The tears are soon dried that wept a rich man's child at his father's grave.
Freidank out: modesty

Whether you are doing little or much, on it it is not arrives! I see only on your goal - the man makes the direction.
Eduard von Bauernfeld

Only the peace and quiet in the movement holds the world and makes the man - peace draws life, unrest scared it away.
Gottfried Keller
sad love quotes

sad quotes

sad quotes

In the real man a child is hidden, that wants to play. On, their women, so I soldier but the child in the man.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Men want to be always the first love of a woman, women are like the last novel of a man.
Oscar Wilde

Men are may, if they are free and December in marriage.
William Shakespeare from: how you like it

Big men did not create their times, but they are also created by them.
Leopold von Ranke

It measures from the man not of Elle, often a great spirit has a small house.
Freiherr von Abschatz

To imitate humiliated a man from head.
Friedrich Schiller from: Don Carlos

A philosopher should never do something for the reason because everyone does it.
Johann Jakob Engel

Who owns no philosophy in the miseries of this life, looks like a man who is walking naked head in a downpour.
Claude Tillier

Do it as did Mr Asmus, who knew what he should. He asked everyone for advice, and doing what he wanted but.
Heinrich Seidel
sad quotes

sweet love poems

sweet love poems
The premature calva
It shines upon the forehead broad and severe;
under the pale skin smoothness
It transpires the thin skull.
Sharp Chin and cheekbones marked
by strokes of an adamantine punch;
and unusual purple stained
the lips that dreamed a Florentine.
While the mouth smile appears,
insightful eyes,
a thoughtful frown dwarfs,
look and see, deep and tenacious.
It has an old book on the table
where the distracted hand poses.
At the bottom of the block, in the mirror,
a golden afternoon is asleep.
Mountains of violet
and greasy breñales
the land that loves the Holy and the poet,
caudal Eagles and vultures.
The open balcony to the white wall
is an Orange Sun Strip
It ignites the air in the dark environment
that surrounds the cornered armor.
sweet love poems

sweet poems

sweet poems
By this spot? meadows, vineyards and windmills?
that so the sky like equals their ways,
wrinkled in roasted ground strains
and mustios grasses as Tatty Velvet:
by the dry plain of Sun and remoteness,
where the eye reaches its full midday
(a tiny side of birds pluck)
the Indigo of the sky over the white village
and there are stands a green alamillos soto
(after leagues and more leagues from yellow fields),
This land, away from the sea and the mountains,
the wide reverberatory of clear Sun Spain
a blind love hidalgo poor walked one day
do? love nublóle trial: his heart saw?.

And you, the fence and away by the immense plain
eternal companion and star Quijano,
Lozana farmer fincada in your lumps
oh mother of Mancha and visions numen?,
you lived, good Aldonza, your real life
When loving ta mythic his righteous spear,
and in your White House ahechando blond wheat.

That love of fire was for you and with you.

Women of la Mancha with the sacred mote
Dulcinea, save it the glory of Don Quixote.
sweet poems

sad love poems

sad love poems
La Mancha and their wives... Argamasilla, kindergarten
Esquivias, Valdepeñas, the girlfriend of Cervantes,
and of the heroic manchego, the housekeeper and niece
(the courtyard, the cupboard, the cave and the kitchen)
(the spinning wheel and sewing, the cradle and the bellies),
don Diego's wife and the woman's belly,
the daughter of the ventero, and as many as they are
under the Earth, and so many that they are and that they will be
charm of Mancha and mothers in Spanish
land of wineries, mills and municipality.

She is the manchegan woman garrida and well planted,
very on Yes girl, perfect married.

The Sun of the hot vinariega plain
it burned her skin, more saves freshness of wine cellar
his heart. It devoted, you know pray with faith
so God frees to us insofar as it is not.
His work is the House? less celada that in Seville,
more gynoecium and less Castle in Castile?
And it is manchego household Muse ordering;
Aligns the vasares, the canvas alcanfora;
the square accounts noted in his diary,
It has beans, there are accounts of the Rosary.

It is there more? For these fields there was a love of firearms,
two eyes burned a manchego heart.

Not it was its Dulcinea cradle in this spot?
Is the patria Toboso of women not idea?
of the heart, monstrosity and hearts magnet,
who male not impregnates and even parirá male?

sad love poems

sad poems

sad poems
Feel that your hand is my caress,
Feel that your dream is my desire,
Feel that your look is my rest,
Feel that your name is my song,
Feel that your mouth is my refuge,
Feel that your soul is my gift.
Feel that you exist...
Feel that I live to love.

You count wishes on your lips,
The pleasure will be my weapon to dream,
I recorreré your soul
And I secuestraré your love.
There will be no rescue:
Only passion.

sad poems