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sad love quotes

sad love quotes
Where to find men boldly combining for honor and justice, is a free sex.
Max von Schenkendorf

Who can talk and also mention, at the time, which is a wise man.
Hugo von Trimberg

Who can talk not wise, the muting and hot a wise man.
Freidank out: modesty

Talk much and well is the talent of witty Weltmannes, little and good character of the thinker, much and badly the rage of Witzlings the windbag and

Snakschwestern and all everyday heads.
Karl Julius Weber: Demokritos

Much is not rich. Is a rich man who can lose everything he has, without suffering.
Angelus Silesius

The tears are soon dried that wept a rich man's child at his father's grave.
Freidank out: modesty

Whether you are doing little or much, on it it is not arrives! I see only on your goal - the man makes the direction.
Eduard von Bauernfeld

Only the peace and quiet in the movement holds the world and makes the man - peace draws life, unrest scared it away.
Gottfried Keller
sad love quotes

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