8 Mayıs 2012 Salı

sweet poems

sweet poems
By this spot? meadows, vineyards and windmills?
that so the sky like equals their ways,
wrinkled in roasted ground strains
and mustios grasses as Tatty Velvet:
by the dry plain of Sun and remoteness,
where the eye reaches its full midday
(a tiny side of birds pluck)
the Indigo of the sky over the white village
and there are stands a green alamillos soto
(after leagues and more leagues from yellow fields),
This land, away from the sea and the mountains,
the wide reverberatory of clear Sun Spain
a blind love hidalgo poor walked one day
do? love nublóle trial: his heart saw?.

And you, the fence and away by the immense plain
eternal companion and star Quijano,
Lozana farmer fincada in your lumps
oh mother of Mancha and visions numen?,
you lived, good Aldonza, your real life
When loving ta mythic his righteous spear,
and in your White House ahechando blond wheat.

That love of fire was for you and with you.

Women of la Mancha with the sacred mote
Dulcinea, save it the glory of Don Quixote.
sweet poems

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