8 Mayıs 2012 Salı

sweet quotes

sweet quotes
It seems sea, heaven
where can I lying to dream of you?

If you saw my gaze,
as a bird hunting horizons and stars.

The universe is mine since you did you
roof of butterflies to my heart.

The air is so blue when you move your wings,
that flight was born eternal in repeated wave without fatigue.

I do not know if in wave or cloud open me tenderness
to shoot me to sleep where you sleep.

The wind is so quiet
that I have been able to achieve you between echoes.

I am clearly to strengthen you?

I've seen you with living eyes
as the open eyes of forests,
featuring me in laughs and streams swimming into the ocean.

You've collected in footsteps of marine songs
where once you left love hearts of water.

You've taken the time?

How you have!
sweet quotes

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