8 Mayıs 2012 Salı

short poems

short poems
Love does not have this or that form,
You can not stop at the creature;
all are as vile and dreaming.
Pleasure that never dies
Kiss that never dies,
only in thee same find, land mine.
Nimbos of youth, blond or dark hair,
rizosos or muffled as a spring,
about copper bodies on radiating bodies
I so much loved in vain,
It is not in you where the life is, but on Earth,
in the land that awaits, he always looked
with his lying lips, with open arms.

Let me, let me cover, see a few moments
this divine world now is mine,
mine as it it myself,
as they were other bodies which shook my arms,
as the sand than to kiss her lips
it pretends to other lips, ductile to desire,
until that wind carries their lying atoms.

As the sand, Earth,
as the same arena,
the caress is a lie, love is a lie, the friendship is a lie.
You alone stay with desire,
with this desire that appears to be mine and
short poems

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