8 Mayıs 2012 Salı

free poems

free poems
I didn't know you, Earth;
with inert eyes, aleteante hand,
I cried all blind under your green smile
Although encouraging youth, it felt at times
a thirsty of prostrate, tumult
as Hurricane here stuffing in the chest;
ignoring you, my land,
ignoring your encouraging, hurricane or tumult,
identical in this melancholic bubble I am
who your voice of steel inspired a frequently live.

Well I know now that you are
who gives me this way and this craving;
I know at the end that the slender sea,
in love with light, smiling children,
aren't but yourself;
to the living, the dead,
the pleasure and sorrow,
loneliness, friendship,
the misery, the powerful stupid,
in love with man, the rogue,
they are as worthy of me and of which I am;
my arms, Earth, already are wider, agile,
to carry your desire that nothing satisfies.
free poems

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