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inspirational bible quotes

inspirational bible quotes
High sounds the song by the good man!
Friedrich citizens

Anyone can have knowledge, but to think art is the rarest gift of nature.
Frederick the great

A diplomat is a man who will turn the drumbeats of statesmen into delicate harp.
Eugene O Neill ´

A man of spirit will tell not only never something stupid he'll stop also never something stupid.
Ludwig Börne out: fragments

If the farmer is a gentleman, he looks on the plow with glasses.
Wilhelm Müller from: epigrams

In a good marriage the head of the man is the heart of the woman he can not miss, however.
Friedrich Rückert

The craft man, the ´s wants to do well, the skill spoils from ambition.
William Shakespeare from: King John

I swear ´ on no single man. Because I am one.
Ludwig Uhland out: patriotic poems

It is a praise for a man if you may say his errors, without that he ceases to be great.
Johann von Müller

One must live with his enemies, because you may have not anyone at the friends Yes.
Alexis de Tocqueville
inspirational bible quotes

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