8 Mayıs 2012 Salı

free love poems

free love poems
Joyful die night without stars
In the landscape of a thousand suns
A little time, a little shadow!
Night dreams of another sky
The words other letters
Books without autumn leaves
And the blood throbbing by the wind!

At the end, the inexorable margins are missing
And the way grown distant music
Where was there apuñalados fish!
And the words only lit silences
Where eternity sinks!
And the bridges are toys impostors
At the beginning of the years enmanzanados

Many times the dream wants to be good
Among injured robles nightmares
Twinned with the Francoist axes!
And phonographs knotting knees
Between the acids perfumes of wars!
Twinned with sweet fiery peace
And the constancy of carnal wings!

I enjoy the end of many times
The death of embodied evils!
Landscapes without pins and noble fruits
Hatred must not be perfect!
The faith should only give certainty!
Ah, my favorite dream agito!
But I know well... What am just a powder!
free love poems

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