8 Mayıs 2012 Salı

sweet love poems

sweet love poems
The premature calva
It shines upon the forehead broad and severe;
under the pale skin smoothness
It transpires the thin skull.
Sharp Chin and cheekbones marked
by strokes of an adamantine punch;
and unusual purple stained
the lips that dreamed a Florentine.
While the mouth smile appears,
insightful eyes,
a thoughtful frown dwarfs,
look and see, deep and tenacious.
It has an old book on the table
where the distracted hand poses.
At the bottom of the block, in the mirror,
a golden afternoon is asleep.
Mountains of violet
and greasy breñales
the land that loves the Holy and the poet,
caudal Eagles and vultures.
The open balcony to the white wall
is an Orange Sun Strip
It ignites the air in the dark environment
that surrounds the cornered armor.
sweet love poems

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