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sad quotes

sad quotes

In the real man a child is hidden, that wants to play. On, their women, so I soldier but the child in the man.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Men want to be always the first love of a woman, women are like the last novel of a man.
Oscar Wilde

Men are may, if they are free and December in marriage.
William Shakespeare from: how you like it

Big men did not create their times, but they are also created by them.
Leopold von Ranke

It measures from the man not of Elle, often a great spirit has a small house.
Freiherr von Abschatz

To imitate humiliated a man from head.
Friedrich Schiller from: Don Carlos

A philosopher should never do something for the reason because everyone does it.
Johann Jakob Engel

Who owns no philosophy in the miseries of this life, looks like a man who is walking naked head in a downpour.
Claude Tillier

Do it as did Mr Asmus, who knew what he should. He asked everyone for advice, and doing what he wanted but.
Heinrich Seidel
sad quotes

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