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short poems for kids

short poems for kids
You friend
Small mouth
And cheerful smile
I want to tell.

A history
Have a rhyme
To show my appreciation
Without exaggeration.

On your way
If, so pretty.
Little girl,
You are clearly.

Sweet, Nice,
Prudent and correct,
Discreet look,
You have my friendship.

Your hair
Firearms, your eyes
A quartz, Red
Lips, a coral.

Tender hadita
Or great poetess,
That to me is me haunting
With its madrigal.

I would like to
Be the lookout
In the distance
It shines in the sea.

And be able to
Provide joy
And faithful company
To who can listen.

My poem
It is little,
For this pink
It seeks to express.

Gratitude and
Sincere respect
To who I don't want to
Never forget.

short poems for kids

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