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sweet love quotes

sweet love quotes
The old man's gentleness is terrible.
Friedrich Schiller from: Fiesco

What seems to you, has anyone judge. What is it, does not have.
Out, Friedrich Schiller: Mary Stuart

The fate of the world depends today primarily the statesmen, secondarily by the interpreters.
Trygve Lie

Even the man creates himself to his fate.
Gottfried Kinkel

Stay always allowed and male ´. We will master of our tracking sales, as long as we are there by us.
Friedrich Maximilian of Klinger

Only the time proven the Redlichen. A single day reveals the bad man.

Sacrilege is ´s to schmähn the noble man in death, he was hated by us.

Also the pain will have its expression and the man, of the aches overwhelmed, need not to be ashamed of his tears.
Friedrich von Bodenstedt out: ADA

Nice like a God and male as a hero.
Friedrich Schiller from: the bride of Messina

There is no soul that had not its Wadden Sea, anyone can walk in at times of low tide.
Christian Morgenstern

Itself is the man! Selig is, people who like themselves in life positive advise!
sweet love quotes

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