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funny love quotes

funny love quotes
We live in a world, what a fool just a short way makes many fools, but a wise man.
Immanuel Kant

We live in a dangerous age. Man masters nature, before he has learned to master himself.
Albert Schweitzer

As little as in the life of the individual is for human life desirable to know the future.
Jakob Burckhardt

With 20 you have the face that God has given one. With 40, that life has brought a & 60, that it deserves that.
Albert Schweitzer

All people live under the same sky, only some have a different horizon.
Jean Jacques Rousseau

Most live in the ruins of their habits.
Jean Cocteau

I slept and dreamed that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was duty. I was - and behold, the life was joy.
Dwarkanath Tagore

You must get to know many caterpillars in life, until you meet a butterfly.
Oskar Pele

Freedom is to live his own life, and think his own thoughts.
John F. Kennedy
funny love quotes

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