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inspirational life quotes

inspirational life quotes

Anyone wants to have a friend, but no one gives up effort to be.
Alphonse Karr from: philosophical essays

Kindness against anyone is the first during which can save us some grief.
Helmuth von Moltke the elder

The man is looking for pleasure in dangers.
Wolfgang von Goethe

The man can be helped.
Friedrich Schiller from: die Räuber

No education to a charakterfesten person, a person is possible to a man without education to obedience.
Adolf Diesterweg

Opportunity makes alone not thieves, she makes great men.
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

You will find thousand scholars until one has a man encounters.
Friedrich Maximilian of Klinger

Big men owe a quarter of their fame of daring, two quarter of happiness and the last quarter their crimes.
UGO Foscolo

Young people shows the man just as dawn announced the day.
John Milton

Nothing is as miserable as the man who wants everything and nothing can.
Matthias Claudius

Little man, what now?
Hans Fallada
inspirational life quotes

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