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funny children poems

funny children poems
No, the story was not so ephemeral
our love: between smooth folios
virginal book of your memory,
as blue petal is the glory
suffering, noble and chaste of my verses.

I can not forget: you condemn
to a tenacious memory. My love has been
the top in your life, the good thing;
and only between the légamos and the silt
comes the pale Lotus of oblivion.

I see everywhere: in the uncertain
dusk in the blonde alborada
and when you work in the desert
Corridor, while they tremble in your garden
the monotonous threads of rain.

And you remember! This is the inheritance
It gives you my pain, nothing ensalma.
I will be Summit of light in your existence!
and an ineffable reproach your conscience
and an immortal Stela within your soul!

funny children poems

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