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Valentines Quotes

Valentines Quotes 
 You can not stand on yourself and you bedarfst the help of outside, verily, you are a man like an arm with no hand.
Friedrich Hebbel

Because in this world respect many wretch high, only he considered me right man who can take care of himself honestly.
Friedrich von Bodenstedt

Who is the sovereign man? This is soon said. He the one can not prevent whether it hunts for good or evil.
Wolfgang von Goethe

Many a man's sake was women and the game to the thieves.
Freidank out: modesty

The strongest man in the world is who is all alone.
Henrik Ibsen from: an enemy of the people

If bravery means fearlessness, then still no brave man met me. Everyone fears. Ever smarter he is more so. It is brave who takes no notice of his fear.
General George S. Patton

The small tormentors grows to a hard and cruel man.
Jean Paul from: levana

What is the worst animal name? So, a king asked a wise man. The way said: "by wild is tyrant and sycophant of the tame."
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing: poems

No right man serves the ingrates.
Friedrich Schiller from: die Piccolomini

"He is very antisocial" almost says: "he is a man of great features".
Arthur Schopenhauer

Valentines Quotes 

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