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sad love poems

sad love poems
La Mancha and their wives... Argamasilla, kindergarten
Esquivias, Valdepeñas, the girlfriend of Cervantes,
and of the heroic manchego, the housekeeper and niece
(the courtyard, the cupboard, the cave and the kitchen)
(the spinning wheel and sewing, the cradle and the bellies),
don Diego's wife and the woman's belly,
the daughter of the ventero, and as many as they are
under the Earth, and so many that they are and that they will be
charm of Mancha and mothers in Spanish
land of wineries, mills and municipality.

She is the manchegan woman garrida and well planted,
very on Yes girl, perfect married.

The Sun of the hot vinariega plain
it burned her skin, more saves freshness of wine cellar
his heart. It devoted, you know pray with faith
so God frees to us insofar as it is not.
His work is the House? less celada that in Seville,
more gynoecium and less Castle in Castile?
And it is manchego household Muse ordering;
Aligns the vasares, the canvas alcanfora;
the square accounts noted in his diary,
It has beans, there are accounts of the Rosary.

It is there more? For these fields there was a love of firearms,
two eyes burned a manchego heart.

Not it was its Dulcinea cradle in this spot?
Is the patria Toboso of women not idea?
of the heart, monstrosity and hearts magnet,
who male not impregnates and even parirá male?

sad love poems

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